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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday's Thankful Thoughts

How time has flown since my last post! When I started this blog I had planned on it being a daily journal... HAHA! WHAT was I thinking????

Today I am thankful for:

The meatloaf DH made and I cooked last night. I LOVE leftovers... more time to quilt, less to cook!

The fresh grape tomatoes that continue to be picked each day... they really add taste to our salads.

The fresh okra that is now being picked by the gallon every day... what were we thinking when we planted so many plants? But, YUM! Fried okra tonight was delicious.

Elderly ladies that continue to enjoy their hobby of quilting. Yes, their quilts sometimes present unique challenges to me as their quilter, but I so admire those that keep making quilts even though the aches and pains of growing older might cause some less determined soul to just give up sewing. I worked hard today to finish one very challenging quilt. It won't win any awards, and some would look at it and wonder why I did THAT to this quilt. It was a means of stabilizing the hand-piecing that was coming undone in MANY places, and finishing something that was pieced probably around the 1960s. When I return the quilt I will get "the rest of the story" and find out exactly who made it.

Rain and cooler temperatures. It is still hot, but not nearly as hot as a few weeks ago. We've had several small rains and more on the way, so things are really looking nice and green again.

That's my short list today... you can tell I'm tired and heading for the shower and bed.

Be blessed in all you do!

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