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Friday, July 3, 2009

Fearless Fridays

Fear... we all have it at times. Sometimes it overwhelms us and controls our thoughts. I realized a number of years back that I was becoming fearful about many things... driving, riding in the car when someone else was driving (I think that is a control issue!), fearful of the future,... the list could go on and on. The enemy of our soul loves for us to be fearful, because then we are not in faith!

I have heard that the phase, "Fear not," is used 365 times in the Bible. That is one for each day! So I have decided to "fear not". Yes, it IS a decision that we must make. There are multiple opportunities each day to fear about something, but you can join me in 1), recognizing the fear when it tries to come upon you, 2) choosing NOT to let it take root, and 3) stand in FAITH instead of fear.

It is always easy? Nope, it is not. Sometimes our senses tell us that things just can't work out well, so we may start worrying about the outcome. That's when we have to look with our spiritual eyes and see what the Lord has done, and read about what He has PROMISED us.

He has promised to NEVER leave us or forsake us. He has promised to guide our steps, even through the fire and the flood. He has promised that we have a hope and a future. He has promised that all His promises are yes and amen.

He is a Good God, He has good plans for us, and He loves us greatly, so stand on His promises, stand on faith in Him and His Word, and cast that fear right back where it belongs!


Today I am thankful for...
Accomplishments... we cleaned the porch today, raked leaves off the top of the house, and then raked the yard and hauled away the leaves. I feel SOOO much better about the looks of the front of the house now.

A husband that likes to grill. YUM!! He smoked the BEST brisket ever today. I added with it some store-bought potato salad, beans, and bread. Easy peasy for me! It was all delicious.

Our new dog, PJ. She has been a lot of company for us (especially DH, since she loves to run along with him when he goes in the woods) and she is a very sweet natured dog. I'm thankful my friend rescued her and then offered her to us.

Visits from my son... He is so busy I don't get to see him very often, but offer him BBQ and he shows up! Is that really fair, bribing him to visit by offering him food????

Tired muscles... they show I have worked hard today, and I can look behind me and see accomplishment! That feels good.

Thank You Lord, for all Your many blessings!


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