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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blessed to Be a Blessing

This week has been a great opportunity for me to pass along some of the things the Lord has blessed me with. First of all I donated a BUNCH of tomatoes to a friend for the governor's reception today. Then I had opportunity to repay some of her kindnesses by helping her prepare and serve food.

Todays event was wonderful! The governor, many elected officials, and local citizens enjoyed great food and visiting in the beautiful B&B. It feels really great to serve others. I have to keep reminding myself of that, for I definitely was NOT given the hospitality gift when the Lord passed out spiritual giftings. My giftings are more in the organizational areas and teaching, as well as music. So as you can imagine I was really out of my comfort zone today. This small-town gal has never seen such a fancy spread as was set before the guests today!

You know, we never give (of our talents and gifts) without really receiving more in return than we are giving. It amazes me how thankful people are even for small acts of service like fixing them a to-go plate, or helping them find foil to cover a plate, etc. But yet it really is fulfilling to be helpful. I must keep reminding myself of THAT, also. It is so easy to get so bogged down in my world and my long list of "Things to Do" that I don't stop long enough to see how I can be helpful to others.

Lord, please open my eyes to areas of service around me. Help me to see the needs of others through Your eyes.


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  1. Dear Kat,
    You are such a wonderful friend and servant of God! It was because of your service that the event was a sucess. One of the ladies greeting yesterday commented on the way you took charge of the kitchen and organized everything! And the Governor's body guards and secret service were thrilled to recieve the wonderful food you sent for the helicopter ride to their next desitnation. What a blessing you are to everyone who knows you and those you connect with.
    Thank you again for everything... we love you!


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