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Friday, July 10, 2009

Thankful for Friday

Or I guess I could use the acronym... TGIF!! This week has REALLY flown by, probably because I have been so busy. I've gotten some quilting for customers done and a lot of quilts came in this week and are lined up waiting for me to return from quilt retreat. I've done some sewing on a project of mine, some fabric painting, and housework. BUSY!

Tomorrow I will go help a friend get ready for a huge reception for the Governor of LA! Can you believe he will be coming to a tiny town like ours on Sunday?! Paula has a B&B here and a reception for the Governor and 100 of his invited guests will be held there. Nope, I did not get an invitation, but I volunteered to help her serve, so I may just get to meet him.

I really don't want to say "TODAY I am thankful for..." because it has been so long since I posted, so I will say,


Time to work on some of my own quilty things.

A really fun get-away planned for next week.

Okra and tomatoes... YUM!

Beautiful painted fabric.

Creativity and inspiration given from God.

Healing truths the Holy Spirit has been reminding me of this week.

Hot showers... and I need one RIGHT NOW!

Blessings to you all,

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