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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

Blueberries a friend just could not throw away, so she passed them on to me.

The fact that DH's parents did NOT get rid of every pint jar and jelly jar, but saved them knowing that they would be needed sometime down the line. I think I had DH digging in the cabinets about 3 different times today getting more jars... I sure had not planned on putting up 56 half-pints when I started this project!

DH being willing and able to follow a list when he is grocery shopping... he may bring home TWICE as much of an item as you asked for, but everything on the list is present and accounted for! It sure saved me a lot of time that he was willing to go shopping. SMOOCH SMOOCH!

DH willingly helping put lids and rings on jars after I have ladeled up gallons of blueberry jam and marmalade (Interested in the recipe? See my other blog.)

NOT having to do any more canning tomorrow. This "day off" work was very HARD WORK! But I sure have a lot of nice jars of jam to give as gifts or just share with others. Tomorrow I will get back to quilting.

Being able to stand on my feet and work all day. There was a time when knee issues kept me from being able to work on my feet much. Thank You, Lord, that is not so now!

Being able to look at the day behind me and see a big accomplishment. That gives a great feeling of satisfaction.

I am thankful that I am tired, it is bedtime, and a good, comfortable bed is waiting for me.


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