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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lord, Open the Door!

We (my friend/ pastor's wife Paula and I) really need the Lord to open a door. We both feel so called to minister at the local women's jail. We've been there once and had a really wonderful time of praise and ministry, with rededications and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. That opportunity came about because a friend that goes there weekly was out of town and asked us to go in her place. What an AWESOME day we had!

We both feel like this is a call of the Lord for us at this time. The problem... the door appears to be closed at this moment. So would you please join me in simply praying, "Lord, open the doors to that place for us!". There is great power in a simple prayer, and the power of agreement.

So Thank YOU LORD, for what YOU are going to do in this situation. Thank YOU, that YOUR timing is always perfect, and YOU make straight our paths, and YOU light our way with YOUR Word! Thank YOU LORD!


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