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Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome to ONEderland!


Proverbs 10:22 (NKJV) 
    The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.

How blessed I am feeling today…

There’s a new digit in town!  It is so exciting to look at the scales and not see that TWO in front.  How many years has it been?  At least six years since I weighed in under the 200 mark.  The number is nice but there are other things that make this so exciting.

I “shopped” my closet this week, looking for things that had been sent to the “too-small-to-wear” corner.  I was amazed to find 7 pairs of jeans I could now wear.  This week I will dig deeper and try to find more blouses because I really need some tops that aren’t billowing.  The too-big clothes are going out soon.  I will keep one pair of pants and a t-shirt just to look back and have some perspective of where I came from.

This may be TMI, but I have “under-grown” my underwear!  That’s not a problem, because I just happen to have 2 smaller sizes tucked away in a drawer.  No shopping in that section of the store will be necessary for a long time.  I got to remove the bra extenders I have been using for several years… not needed any more!

I saw a friend that I had not seen in a couple of months, and she commented on my new shape.  Now THAT is a wonderful feeling!  Those I see often, who know the journey I am on, offer lots of encouraging words… but for someone else to notice that I have changed… that is great!

Even more exciting is, this journey does get easier as I go along.  God’s grace IS new every morning to guide me along!  I think that is because I am getting more established in my routines.  I don’t have to wonder what I will have for breakfast because most days I eat the same thing.  I was feeling bad about this, but after reading Weight Loss Boss, I discovered that he did the same thing.  Not having to decide what’s for breakfast helps me get up and get going without a hassle.  I put lots of variety into the other meals and snacks, but breakfast is my easy meal.

On the slightly down-side, my BP has started creeping back up after getting off the diuretics.  It is not extremely high, but I can tell something needs to be done about this.  I guess my body has adjusted to my exercise routine.  I don’t consider this a major thing because my doctor told me this might happen. I started back on the diuretics to see if this brings it back to the level I want.  If not, then I’ll schedule another visit with my family doctor. 

So, I have lots of be thankful for today (and every day)!  I am truly rich in all sorts of blessings from the Lord.  I am reminded of the praise song, “Blessed Be The Name Of the Lord”.

Every blessing You pour out I’ll give back in praise!

Blessings…. wonderful things!  Let’s count them and praise Him for sending them our way!



  1. Congratulations! I am proud of you.

    I got rid of my too-large clothes as I lost weight because I did not want the temptation of having them around to fall back on. I've done that too many times, so out they ALL went! Since last July, I've gone down two bra sizes.

    I agree that blessings are wonderful things. Praise God for His unfailing love.

  2. Thank you for the perspective.....and for your encouragement. God is good and I need to get back to thinking on blessings instead of struggles of this week.....I too have under grown my underware....but haven't splurged on new ones yet....need to really really soon!


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