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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Little Things…

I thought, “It’s just a little thing… it won’t matter.”  I was wrong!  the fact that I have 2 toenails missing from one foot due to injury is a real PAIN (literally and figuratively)!  I surely did not appreciate the function of those nails until I no longer had their protection on the ends of my toes!

This “little thing” has sidelined me from much activity at all.  Several days of not being able to take my morning walks makes me really appreciate it when things are working as they should be and I have no “little things” interfering with my plans and activities.  I am hoping I will be able to get back to my walking routine tomorrow morning… we will see.  Of course, I will have to do some major bandaging where those “little things” are supposed to be or I will be in pain and cause more injury.

How many “little things” are there in my life that I take for granted?  I’m sure there is a huge list of them!  There are lots of “little things” that are important in our spiritual development and my WLJ, too.  Sometimes we just focus in on the “biggies” and assume the little things won’t matter much.  How wrong!  It is developing good habits in the “little things” (daily devotional, prayer, attitudes, making wise food choices each moment, tracking our food and exercise) that really set us up for success.  A series of small steps can cover a lot of territory! 

So I challenge you… pay attention to the “little things” in your life.  So many times the struggle we are in could have been avoided IF we would have developed good habits and placed an importance on the “little things”.  I guess when you get right down to it, there ARE no “little things”… every decision, routine, and step is leading us somewhere.  I plan on being sure I am heading the right direction!  How about you?

Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. When I was still working, I read my Bible and had a devotion while eating breakfast, but once I retired and stopped eating breakfast at the table those special moments stopped. I need to start eating at the table again instead of sitting in a lounge chair with my laptop. I have develop some very bad habits.


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